Monday, September 29, 2008

To the real KP

Hey Kalpna, I’ve been thinking about you a lot this week. It was my birthday last weekend and I was remembering the last birthday you spent with me. You came to D.C. to volunteer post-Katrina (because that’s how you do) and you came to campus. I remember walking out of my classroom and seeing you sitting on the couch in the student lounge. I was beyond happy to see you and I ran over and jumped on you and you just sat there all nonchalant as I had a convulsion fit on your lap. It’s cool, I knew you were happy too. ;) I wish that could happen again Kalpna. I wish that tomorrow when I walk into my office you’ll just be sitting there behind my desk. I want to talk to you and hear your laugh. I loved your laugh. I love you Kalpna and I’m sorry I didn’t say that to you more. I’m sorry I didn’t say that to you a hundred times over during my first year of law school when I was a hot mess and you took care of me. I always rolled to your apartment wearing the same fit over and over and you were always reminding me to take showers regularly. Lol. I never listened. You knew that and you still loved me even though you were a hygiene freak working your q-tips like they were screwdrivers. Thank you for all the craft projects you made me do that year, I sucked, but you were always so encouraging. Thanks for all the cookies we made together in your kitchen. Thanks for all the sleepovers. Thanks for all the memories from Berkeley and stepping to me like we were already friends when I didn’t even know you. Thanks for your love Kalpna, whether I deserved it or not, you always gave it to me and I think about that daily and I’ll remember you and carry you with me always.

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