Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kalpna's Favorite Foods

Kalpna loved variety and made sure everybody enjoyed her company, especially over a great meal. See the comments for a list of places and dishes she enjoyed with her friends and family.


by Kalpna's Friends said...

Meesha's (Berkeley) - Lamb plate with rice, hummus, medium spicy.

Viks Chaat Corner (Berkeley) - chicken kati roll, mango lassi, bhel puri

Zachary's (Berkeley) - stuffed pizza

Crepe's A Go-Go (Berkeley) - strawberry & nutella crepe

Burma Superstar (San Francisco) - vegetarian samusa soup, tea leaf salad

Papalotes (San Francisco) - shrimp burrito/quesadillas, any special burrito, jars of the special salsa.

Brazil Cafe (Berkeley) - grilled chicken plate

Cha'Am (Berkeley) - pad see ew w/ egg

West Coast Pizza (Berkeley) - cheese sticks (another staple)

Zante Pizza (San Francisco) - vegetarian indian pizza

La Note (Berkeley) - lemon gingerbread pancackes & poached pears

Golden Era (San Francisco) - steamed veggie bun, spicy gourmet chicken

Temptations (Mountain View) - gobi manchurian

Barney's (Berkeley) - spicy curly fries

Kathmandu (Albany) - lamb momos, chatamari

Chaat Cafe (Berkeley) - paneer wrap, desi chicken wrap

Peet's Coffee - chai latte

Jack in the Box - oreo cookie milk shake

Kirala (Berkeley) - chicken teriyaki, shrimp tempura

Koryo (Berkeley) - seafood bibambap hot pot

Hobbee's (Mountain View) - banana coffee cake

Safeway - skor chocolate bars

McDonald's - french fries dipped in their soft serve cone

by Kalpna's Friends said...

Breads of India (Berkeley) - All dishes