Friday, August 15, 2008

Memories in India while Studying Abroad

Kalpna was such a special person and I have so many hilarious memories of her, particularly from our time in India. She, Lavanya, and I had a Hindi class together in Mussourie with a teacher named Habibji... there were times we would laugh so hard I needed to pee--the lot of us were so goofy that it's a miracle we actually got any work done.

At one point, I remember we were having our class in the room where there was a ping-pong table, and we had just learned the difference between Khana (food) and Kana (one-eyed man). Habibji hit the ball really hard and it bounced off Kaps, to which she responded by putting her hand over her eye, jumping up and down, and yelling: "Kana! Kana! Kana!". We were doubled over in stitches! For a long time I would laugh about this moment, even on my own.

We found it both amusing and annoying that Habibji was always overly flirtatious with all of us, especially Kaps. One day, he called her "Kalpna ki kalpna" and we loved it: it stuck for us to tease her with. Right from the beginning of our time in India, I was attracted to Kaps' warm energy and silly sense of humor. She was so unassuming and heartfelt, it was hard not to be charmed by her willingness to be open and find the fun in any situation.

She was a gem. She will be missed, remembered, and mourned by so many.

My very deepest condolences.

With Love,

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